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Freaks by Giovanni Iuliani

The renowned sideshow showman Ward Hall reminisced about the time Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Combined Circus attracted a record-breaking crowd of over 20,000 people inside the sideshow. "The Greatest Show on Earth" was playing Montreal during the 1950s. However, over a decade later, Giovanni Iuliani surpassed this world-breaking record many times over.


In 1966, Giovanni Iuliani presented 5 major freak phenomena alive on a high elevated stage at two Montreal movie houses. These high attendance halls each featured on their giant screen the classic horror film "Freaks" - a Tod Browning masterpiece. The 1932 banned movie was revived with a new French-language soundtrack. The stage presentation featured Bob Melvin - the King of Freaks (Frank Lentini - the 3 legged man had just passed away).

"I'm holding in my hand a unique publication that contains an assortment of freaks. Inside there is a panoply of strange human beings all born with different anatomical features from one another. Midgets, giants, fat woman, half-man, living skeletons, and many others. There is also a man with two reproductive organs that you will see just as clear as the palm of my hand. Then again, with a warning to the weak of heart, there is a shock section that features the 5 most outstanding freaks ever born on this planet earth. Purchasing this unique publication is a wise investment that will increase in value many times over." - Giovanni Iuliani

Freaks was originally printed under the title Les Monstres. After the Montreal 5 1/2 weeks presentation, a tour of the Province of Quebec was organized that included Bob Melvin, Sealo and Esther Blackmon - The Alligator Skin Woman. Everywhere the stage show was presented there was completely full attendance. The revived Tod Browning film "Freaks" (re-titled "The Loves of Freaks") was in demand throughout Canada. The cross-country movie house tour no longer included the freaks but instead Giovanni Iuliani lecturing about the freaks along with the English Freaks book pitch. is proud to provide this unique copyrighted publication at a reduced price of only $10. Available in PDF format it is a welcome addition to collectors of the strange and unusual.

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