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Fred Castle

Fred Castle

(8th April 1909 - 17th June 1997)

Fred started magic at 19 seeing a friend doing a show and became semi-pro close-up magician at age 20. In 1932 when he saw Herbert Milton work with jumbo cards at Maskelyne's he decided to become a specialist with these large cards. He fooled Dai Vernon with 'Hand of Cleopatra' during Fred's USA tour in 1981.

Fred was also a renowned singer specializing in Gilbert and Sullivan operettas.

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Fred Castle
Magic with Giant Cards by Fred Castle

Fred was a specialist in performing close-up, parlor and stage card tricks using jumbo cards and even giant cards. He teaches you how to do an Elmsley count, a Jordan count, a Hamman count and an Ascanio count using jumbo/giant cards. You will learn to do a number of wonderful effects, such as 'Oil and Queens', 'The Holiday Adventure', 'The James Bond Trick' and others.

Once you mastered these techniques, you can take many small packet tricks and perform them with jumbo or giant cards. I did myself the famous 'Twisting the Aces' with jumbo cards, and I developed a method to do the 'mirror...

★★★★ $5
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