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Frederick F. Furman

(1900 - 25th February 1988)

Frederick "Fred" Furman was an American magician, author and dealer of magical effects. In 1920, Fred and his friend Simon Kottwitz formed the F&K Magic Company, specializing in pocket tricks that they produced and sold. The company was located in Houston, Texas. In 1921, Furman, Kottwitz and Bob Blau formed the Houston Mystic Circle - a popular magic club that lasted until the Texas Assembly #19 of the Society American Magicians was created in 1930. Fred produced a column, "Pages from an Amateur's Notebook," which appeared in Thayer's Magical Bulletin. He also contributed articles to the Sphinx. In the 1930's Furman and his wife, Marie, moved to Brooklyn. While in New York, he worked for Max Holden's Broadway magic shop and later for the Steen Manufacturing Co. Fred and his wife retired to Sarasota, Florida, in 1970.

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Frederick F. Furman
Domino Deceptions by Frederick F. Furman

Long out of print, this classic of close-up magic is back with a new look and even more tricks. Through the clever use of dominoes, those attractive, wooden tiles that everyone is familiar with, this ebook explains 18 close-up and parlor mysteries with which to entertain any audience. Beginners and seasoned performers alike will find something of value here, as most effects end with a domino that can be examined to the heart's content of any spectator. Difficult sleights have been dispensed with, relying instead of subtlety and the occasional piece of standard apparatus already owned by most...

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