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Future Test 2024
by Unknown Mentalist

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Future Test 2024 by Unknown Mentalist

The previous version of this routine, Future Test 2021 was very well received. This routine can also be performed in almost all performing situations - one-on-one, close-up, parlor, street, virtual show or even on a basic video call.

Future Test is a 'packs small plays big' kind of effect. Actually packs very small in your wallet and plays very big to a full room or in a virtual show or even over a video call. This effect is done on the back of your business card which you can later leave with the participant as a souvenir or send over to the participant's phone as a virtual image as a 'digital souvenir'.

The performer starts by asking the participant "Do you like to know how successful you will be in 2024?" and performs the Future Test. Essentially the performer makes some predictions (all good ones) about the participant for the year 2024 and proves that they are all accurate. The participant will be amazed. Not only will she keep your business card as a lucky souvenir for a long time but is likely to contact you again soon during 2024.

The final objective of the routine is to leave the participant with a good feeling and positive expectations about 2024 and in the process impart hope and confidence about the future.

Future Test 2024 can also be taken down the Gospel Magic route, if you want. Those ideas are also included.

No sleights, no preshow and no stooges. No equivoque, no dual reality, no instant stooges. Your business card can be openly handled and shown before, during and after the performance. The Future Test 2024 is fully self working.

Very simple and easy to learn and perform. But the structure and presentation of the routine creates a long-lasting impact. It is very flexible in that you can make it as short or as long as you want it to be. And right from the opening line, the performer is in total control. Both you and your audience will enjoy the Future Test 2024.

1st edition 2023, PDF 19 pages.
word count: 3620 which is equivalent to 14 standard pages of text

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