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John Savant
Daily Derby by John Savant

Daily Derby is California's pristine lottery game based on virtual-horse racing at the track. This edition is aimed at helping players increase their odds of winning the California horse lottery game by breaking down the tournament.

Inside this manuscript learn:

  • The 3 Tier and 4 Tier Structures
  • Game Scenario Secrets and Systems
  • Horse Profiling a Trifecta with 12 Zones when you nail the Win horse.

The lottery book of the century has uncontestedly come out. This book highlights lots of new tips and tricks. Leave the pack in the dust. Make an impact. Put a dent on the California...

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Col. Wingate
The Punters Retirement Plan by Col. Wingate

A step by step system that can make you a millionaire in less than 12 months.


Have you heard a saying that goes something like: 'back favorites and lose your money?' Again, do yourself a favor and ignore it.

This Betting Plan may seem frustrating at times, because some of the dividends are small, but you must be disciplined and follow it step by step. Do not deviate from the formula, not even if someone tells you a horse is a sure thing?

This system involves backing favorites. But it is done with a set procedure and it is the Staking Plan that is the key to making...

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Displaying 1 to 2 (of 2 products)