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Endgame in Chess

The endgame is often neglected by the not so experienced student. However, it is the endgame that schools you in pattern recognition and basic tactics. And many games have been lost due to an error in the endgame. Don't lose a game you lead at the end because you did not study the endgame sufficiently. And prepare yourself to steal a victory during the endgame.

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Igor Smirnov
An Endgame Expert: Endgame Chess Course by Igor Smirnov

Play an endgame stage like Capablanca, Smyslov, or Karpov and develop a really deep understanding for the game.

Do you want chess books to publish your games as examples of outstanding endgame play with a crystal clear style of playing? (somewhere between Capablanca and Karpov will be cool) With the course An Endgame Expert this will definitely become your reality!

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