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Gary Kurtz

Gary Kurtz

(Canada: 1961, fl.1980s-90s)

Born in southern Ontario on a farm. Studied visual arts starting with 16 years of age. Choreographer and dancer in Montreal. Semi-pro close-up magician, particularly with coins, and later mentalist. A sensation at the 1987 and 1989 FFFF conventions. Lecturer. Wrote U.P: The Ultimate Progression (1994, 12pp). See Richard Kaufman, Gary Kurtz: Unexplainable Acts (1990, 101pp). Tricks in Genii.

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Gary Kurtz

Remember & Forget by Gary KurtzThis is an effect Hofzinser created. You can read three versions of the original in Hofzinser's Card Conjuring. Three spectators choose two cards each and are asked to remember them both. Then they are asked to forget one of their cards. All six cards are returned and lost in the deck. Then spectator by spectator the performer finds the card the spectator remembered, shows it and places it face down on the table. As a climax those three remembered cards turn into the cards the spectators tried to forget.

runtime: 11min

2009 / 11 / 24

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Gary Kurtz

Longitudinal Fingertip Steal by Gary KurtzThis is a wonderfully deceptive way to steal a card from the deck into a longitudinal palm - a Tenkai palm but with the card rotated by 90 degree - and then reproduce it super clean from the pants pocket or inside jacket pocket.

runtime: 1min 54s

2009 / 11 / 24

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