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Gene Grant

Gene Grant

(Vicksburg, Mississippi: fl. 1950s-90s – 18th January 2013)

Real estate broker in Vicksburg and semi-pro mental magician as "Phantini". Wrote Phantini's Lost Book of Mental Secrets (1955, 21pp), Phantini's Mental Key (1956, 28pp), Phantini's Incredible Mental Secrets (2 vols, 1980, 1981). Marketed original tricks. Tricks in Linking Ring 1957-1993.

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Gene Grant

Phantini's Mental Key by Gene GrantMentalists, here is Phantini's lost classic of 25 mind-blowing mental effects, now available again in a new, updated edition. Gene Grant unveils over two dozen stunners with billets, business cards, playing cards and books that will have your audience crediting you with out-of-this-world mental powers.

All are one-man effects. Many can be performed close-up for intimate audiences, while others will play great for platform and theatre use. Our favorites rely on the "Phantinism" principle, which is Grant's streamlined presentation based on equivoque, but so subtle that it'll leave your audiences...

2018 / 12 / 30

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Gene Grant

Phantini's Contact by Gene GrantThere was something peculiar about Dora, who lived in the old mansion at the top of the hill. Some say she could communicate with the dead and make humans do things against their will. Others swore she could read thoughts and that no secret was safe from her inquisitive and prying mind. Dora, now seated and blindfolded upon the dais, is about to demonstrate her strange powers...

Here are six mind-numbing mental demonstrations from the one and only Phantini. Contact is a two-person mental routine that doesn't rely on any verbal code. Truth be told, many of the demonstrations can be performed...

2018 / 10 / 27

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