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George H. Devol

George H. Devol

(August 1st, 1829 - 1903)

Born in Marietta, Ohio and died in Hot Springs, Arkansas. He was the greatest riverboat gambler on the Mississippi and later worked the railroads between Kansas City and Cheyenne.

At the age of ten, Devol ran away, serving as a cabin boy on a river boat steamer. He quickly learned to play “Seven-Up” and soon he could deal seconds, palm cards and recover the cut. Later as a teenager he preferred to play Faro and Rondo. He teamed up with Canada Bill Jones, Bill Rollins, and Big Alexander as well as others.

Devol won around 2 million dollars over his 40 year as active gambler, but died penniless. During the last years he focused on selling his book.

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George H. Devol
Forty Years a Gambler on the Mississippi by George H. Devol

This is the story of a boy who ran away from home to become a cabin boy on a Mississippi riverboat at age ten. At fourteen he could stack a deck of cards. And for forty years after this point in time he bilked people from all walks of live, businessmen, thieves, soldiers, ... This is the fascinating story of the King of the Riverboat Gamblers.

1st edition, 1887, Devol & Haines, Cincinnati; reprinted, ?, Applewood Books, Bedford, Massachusetts; 300 pages.

  1. A Religious Captain
  2. A Cold Deck
  3. A Woman With a Gun
  4. A Shrewd Trick
  5. A Paymaster's Bluff
  6. A Crazy Man
  7. A Good Night's Work
  8. A Euchre...
★★★ $6
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