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George McAthy

George McAthy

(Oswego, NY: 24th May 1910 - Burbank, CA: 7th September 1971)

McAthy was a magician, ventriloquist, author, and magic inventor who adopted the stage name Mandroop. Known for his ventriloquism and comedy magic act at conventions, George also loved to write and invent magic effects with a comedic twist. Effects invented by McAthy include the "Pink Elephants and Purple Cows" sucker card trick and "Mandroop's Insurance Policy".

McAthy appeared on the cover of Genii in 1944 and again in 1967. Abbott's Magic featured George on the cover of its Tops magazine in February 1944. He was also recognized by his peers in the International Brotherhood of Magicians, appearing on the cover of its monthly journal, The Linking Ring, in 1953.

McAthy's books include Smart Talk (1945); Smart Business (1946); Smart Tricks (1947); MagiComedy (1967); Magic from the Dope Den (1967); and Smart Stuff (1970).

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George McAthy
Smart Business by George McAthy

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