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George McBride

George McBride

(1961- )

George works for the UK Railways in management by day and creates miracles by night. Cards and coins are his speciality, and when time allows, George accepts the occasional close-up engagement - his fine skill and pleasing personality making him a popular entertainer. George is also a successful lecturer at UK magical societies.

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George McBride

Best of Osmosis by George McBrideGeorge McBride is one of Britain's foremost card experts and a highly respected creator of fine magic (see his chapter in Five Times Five, Kaufman). In the mid 1990's George released two manuscripts Osmosis and Osmosis 2. These were on a limited release and there will be many who have not seen these superb books.

For this e-version, George has selected his best routines from the above mentioned books. Over 30 photographs have been added for your further enjoyment.

1st edition, 1995.

Triola: Three cards are selected and lost into the deck. The two Jokers instantly catch one of the selections....

2005 / 9 / 9

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Displaying 1 to 1 (of 1 products) Pages:  1 
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