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Goutam Guha

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Goutam Guha
Tricks with the Jardine Ellis Ring (used) by Goutam Guha

Softcover stapled booklet in good condition. For the content see the digital edition.

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Goutam Guha
Tricks with the Jardine Ellis Ring by Goutam Guha

The apparatus for this classic item comprises a solid ring and a nesting half-shell. These are not included with this ebook but you may already own the gimmick, or you can readily purchase it at any well-stocked magic shop.

Please note that Goutam is left-handed, and his descriptions and photos of the routines are based on his handling.

  • The Jardine Ellis Ring
    • Basic Move No. 1
    • Basic Move 2
    • Basic Move 3
    • Basic Move 4
  • Ring On The Ribbon
  • Ring Off The Ribbon
  • Continuous Production of Rings
  • Ring Penetrates The Handkerchief
  • Ring Penetrates Through The Palm
  • Ring On The Spoon
  • Ring...
★★★★★ $8
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Displaying 1 to 2 (of 2 products)