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Grant Stuart

(1865? - 1948?)

Lived most of his life in Maine (Waterville, Augusta, ...). Joined the SAM with member number 222 in November 1906, but left the organization in 1912 over exposure. He felt the SAM did too little to prevent exposure. Frequent contributor to the Sphinx and some contributions to Genii.

(There is a comment in the Sphinx that he invented and patented some kind of harp instrument, but I was unable to locate the patent or find out more about it.)

Coauthors: Chris Wasshuber

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Grant Stuart & Chris Wasshuber
Perpetual Calendar on a Sticker by Grant Stuart & Chris Wasshuber

Quickly find the weekday to any date between 1500 and 2299.

You will receive a perpetual Gregorian calendar, covering the years from 1500 - 2299, which is printed on one self-adhesive label of size 2.25" x 4" (54 mm x 100 mm). Below the calendar table are the instructions in three lines of text. If you do not need the instructions simply cut them off.

The sticker fits nicely on a case for a deck of playing cards, with the instruction portion bent over the lower edge. (See the photo.) Thus, the calendar fits without the instructions on the back of a poker-size playing card. The calendar...

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