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Great Scott's Ring and Rope Routine
by Scott F. Guinn

#2 Balls, Eggs, Dice & Cups author

(9 customer ratings) ★★★★★

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Great Scott's Ring and Rope Routine by Scott F. Guinn

Another routine that has helped to earn Scott's reputation, both in the magic community and with lay-audiences. Combining some well known moves with some that will be new to you, this is a multi-phased routine where a solid metal ring magically penetrates on and off an ordinary rope. The penetrations become progressively more clean and amazing, leading up to a killer finale!

The ring and rope are completely unprepared and may be examined. The ring is never just put on or taken off the rope--it goes on magically, and then it comes off magically. It is also modular, so you can do the whole thing or any series of phases--stop anywhere along the way.

This routine is perfect for strolling or table-hopping, but is still visible and mystifying for parlor and platform shows! And while this may well turn out to be one of your strongest performance pieces, it's not difficult. Once you learn the sequence, if you want to you can perform it impromptu with a lady's bracelet and a borrowed length of cord or rope!

A feature routine that is not just the "same old, same old".

Level: Intermediate

I picked up Scott's Ring & Rope Routine and am not sorry. Though I'm a mentalist at heart, I love performing for kids - but this is so good, I'm wondering if I could slip it into my mentalism act somehow. - Chet Cox

Check out Scott Guinn's ring and rope routine. A great routine that blends one move into the next very magically. - Leo Reynolds, Jr.

Scott Guinn has a fantastic ring and rope. I love it. In researching these types of routines, I was often disappointed that most routines look like a series of knot "puzzles," and didn't look very magical. This was not the case with Scott's routine. The routine has multiple phases (I use 6-7 of them), each with very magical penetrations on and off the rope. Give this routine a try. - Corbett Troyer

Great Scott's Ring and Rope Routine is an excellent multi-phase routine. - Harv Sweetman

I think I have just about every ring and rope routine in print or on tape/DVD. Scott's is my favorite. I just love magic that's visual and can be done for anyone, anywhere - and the routine really moves along with no confusing knots and such. - Ron Reid

Learn Scott’s Ring and Rope Routine! It works for any venue (even one-on-one), can be performed nearly surrounded (or fully surrounded if you are daring and aware of angles, as your body can provide cover at vulnerable points), the length can be adjusted as needed, and the routine simply leaves spectators/participants in knots, especially if you make it a point to casually let them handle the ring at some point. And it's fun to do! - Paul Menzel

Scott’s ring and rope routine plays close-up, parlor, and even stage. Each time, the ring goes off or on magically - you never just put the ring on or take it off to set up an effect - which is logically consistent, economical (fewer moves), and just plain good routining. I'm going to add this to my restaurant repertoire - if you do mini linking rings, you already have the ring you need. The props are compact, but the effect plays up off the table and is visible to large groups. Learn this, and you're always ready, regardless of the venue. - Darrin Cook

1st edition 2009; 18 pages.
word count: 3962 which is equivalent to 15 standard pages of text