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Greater Card Tricks
by Eddie Joseph

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Greater Card Tricks by Eddie Joseph

This was Eddie Joseph's first card publication. As such, coming out in 1942, it represented already at that time 20 years of performing. It's unbalanced contents shows very much that it is not simply a book of card magic, but a summary of Joseph himself as a card man and his particular biases and interests. A chapter on his particular way of doing the fundamental sleights he depended upon and an entire chapter on the intelligent use of daub.

  • Introduction...


  • Some Sl(e)ight Changes in Some Standard Sleights
  • Card Palming
  • Palming Cards on the Feet
  • How to Return Palmed Card into the Pack
  • Palming Cards at a Table
  • The Slip
  • Bottom Dealing
  • The Side Steal
  • The Top Change
  • To Turn a Card Over in the Pack

    PART TWO Locations

  • A Queer Location
  • A Double Location
  • The Jumping Location
  • The Riffle Location
  • The Palm Location
  • The Corner Riffling Location
  • The "Nick" Location

    PART THREE Tricks for All Occasions

  • The E. J. Color Change with Cards
  • Your Thought Read
  • Another Card Discovery
  • Think of a Number
  • A Test of Sobriety
  • The Elimination Trick
  • Card Resurrection
  • Thought Transference
  • Stop! Fire!
  • Sensitive Touch
  • The Die Trick
  • A Quick Four-Ace Trick
  • Gone Right Through
  • Gone Beyond Recognition
  • Wandaphone
  • Your Age Will Find You Out
  • One Out of Five
  • What’s in a Name
  • The Writing on the Arm
  • The Electrified Card
  • The Tekka Card Trick
  • Esta Kard Mystery
  • The Secret Out — Not Quite
  • The Final Speller
  • Quadruplication
  • The Hazelite Mystery
  • The Cardiana Roll
  • The Hooded Hew
  • Sympathetic Bond

    PART FOUR Daub Deception

  • Preparation for the Daub
  • First Method of Daubing
  • Second Method of Daubing
  • Third Method of Daubing
  • Fourth Method of Daubing
  • Fifth Method of Daubing
  • Sixth Method of Daubing
  • Seventh Method of Daubing
  • Eighth Method of Daubing
  • Ninth Method of Daubing
  • Tenth Method of Daubing
  • Eleventh Method of Daubing
  • Twelfth Method of Daubing
  • Thirteenth Method of Daubing
  • Fourteenth Method of Daubing
  • Fifteenth Method of Daubing
  • Sixteenth Method of Daubing
  • Seventeenth Method of Daubing
  • Eighteenth Method of Daubing
  • Nineteenth Method of Daubing
  • Twentieth Method of Daubing
  • A Few Words of Advice

    PART FIVE Exquisite Experiments

  • The Somersault
  • The Smacker
  • The Renegade
  • The Prodigious Card
  • The Sensational Card Restoration
  • Hallucination
  • Card in Cigarette
  • The Pellet Test
  • The Popinjay
  • The Writing on the Wall
  • A Remarkable Coincidence
  • Peculiar Passage
  • A Home-Made Cement for Card Work
  • Extra-Sensory Detection
  • A Kute Kard Konception
  • The Raw Recruit
  • "A Letter from Satan"
  • Rapid Transit
  • The Revolution
  • The Mental Marvel
  • Distant Thought Penetration
  • The Sticker
  • Two Old Horses in New Harness
  • Cards from Pocket to Pocket

    PART SIX My Card System

  • My Table of Pictures for Memorizing Cards
  • How to Prepare for a Series of Astounding Tricks Through "My System"
  • Order of Cards After the Shuffle from Top to Bottom
  • Formula to Find Out Where Any Particular Card Lies in the Pack
  • The Card Fiend

1st edition 1942, 101 pages; PDF 104 pages.
word count: 51691 which is equivalent to 206 standard pages of text