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Greg Olechwierowicz

Greg Olechwierowicz

Greg's ultimate goal is simple: fool and astonish.

Which artists have inspired you the most in your work thus far?

My inspiration is definitely project "365 days of magic". So I think Calen Morelli is the answer. However I try to make my magic simple, direct, hard hitting and VISUAL. A lot of effects nowadays are too confusing for laymen so I've decided to astonish audience with my own tricks and now I share them with you!

What is your creative process - how do you come up with new effects and ideas?

Play around with a specifing object all day and think outside the box.

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Greg Olechwierowicz
MINTblow by Greg Olechwierowicz

Imagine this: You walk up to your girlfriend and she's in a bad mood. You take out strawberry pack of gum and offer it to her. She says she doesn't like strawberry she wants mint flavor. You then wave your hand over the pack and visually change it into mint gum. Give her a kiss and a gum.

1st edition 2011; 14 pages + video explanation

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