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H. C. Mole

(England: 1878? - )

Wrote (with Percy Naldrett) Moments of Mystery (1914) and The Magic of Tomorrow (1919, with Medrington and Hammond). Memoir is Those Entertaining Years (1949, 46pp). Contributor to Magic Wand.

Coauthors: Arthur Charles P. Medrington, Ernest Hammond

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H. C. Mole & Arthur Charles P. Medrington & Ernest Hammond
The Magic of Tomorrow by H. C. Mole & Arthur Charles P. Medrington & Ernest Hammond

From the Foreword by David Devant:

Having read the proofs of some of the items in this book, I am eager to read the rest and add the completed volume to my bookcase.

  • A Foreword
  • "Ladies & Gentlemen"
  • Natural Selection
  • Shuffle For Arranged Pack
  • Aerial Treasury Up-to-Date
  • The Celebrity Trick
  • Thought Control
  • A Card Location Idea
  • A Fruity Experiment
  • A Use For The Charlier Pass
  • A Special Table & Suggestions therewith
  • Chameleon Balls and Water
  • False Shuffle For Arranged Pack
  • A New Precipitation of Cards
  • A Black Art Chair
  • The Dictionary Trick
  • Hammond's Method for Arranged Pack of Cards ...
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