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Hank Morfin

Hank Morfin

Hank Morfin fell in love with Magic when he was nine years old. He received a Magic Kit as a present and he’s been hooked ever since. While Magic has always been a part of his life, Hank did not perform professionally until about three years ago. His good friend and mentor, Gerry Griffin, invited him to perform some close-up walk around Magic at the California Magic Dinner Theater and he’s been performing close-up and onstage on an almost weekly basis ever since.

His tag line, “Do You Believe” refers to his philosophy about Magic. Hank believes that Magic helps us all remember to believe in the wonder of life, and that anything is possible. He believes that as adults we tend to become jaded, we forget how to believe. Children believe anything is possible; Magic helps adults to remember that.

Hank was recently reminded about the “True Magic” in life on March 18, 2008, when he became the father of identical twin boys, Connor and Cody. Identical twin boys, the magical applications are innumerable...

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Hank Morfin
Any Ring PK Gimmick by Hank Morfin

The PK ring is a very versatile gimmick for the magician and particularly for the mentalist. However, most commercially available PK rings look like wedding bands. What if you're not married? What if you like to wear other style of rings? What if you want to remove the PK-ness of the ring?

Hank wanted to be able to make any ring a PK ring. He wanted something that you could always have on you and could "load" & "ditch" very quickly and easily. Hank created just that and gives you in this ebook detailed instructions of how to build this gimmick for yourself. All parts are easily and cheaply...

★★★★ $7.95
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