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Hans Trixer

Hans Trixer

(Dortmund, Germany: 26th July 1921 - 23rd September 1994)

Born Hans Eric Elsbach-Trixer, aka "Trixer" since 1938, and now his legally adopted surname. Learned magic in 1936 from Fischer's Das Wunderbuch der Zauberkunst. A Jew, he fled Germany to live in Holland 1939-52, except for period in Nazi concentration camps (where both parents died). Jeweler. Amateur close-up magician. 1949 Dutch Grand Prix. Invented glass "Soap Bubbles" in 1949. MIMC 1949. Moved in 1952 to Zimbabwe where he was a jewelry company director.

Edited Triks (Amsterdam) c1950. Wrote ConjuRING Trix and Jardine Ellis Ring Effects (1955, 39pp). Articles in Pentagram, Gen, MUM, Genii, Arcane, and Epoptica.

Coauthors: Wolfgang Riebe

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Hans Trixer & Wolfgang Riebe

Card to Paper Wallet by Hans Trixer & Wolfgang RiebeThere are so many versions of the Card in Wallet - yet none as unique as this one. A freely signed and selected card appears in a paper wallet that happens to be a sheet of paper openly folded into the shape of a wallet right in front of the spectator.

Forget leather wallets. Forget trick wallets. No duplicates, just plain powerful magic with a regular deck and a sheet of A4/US-letter paper that is folded into a wallet. The 'simplicity' of the wallet and the fact that the spectator checks everything themselves makes this effect mind-blowing.

Original concept by Hans Trixer and developed...

2020 / 10 / 2

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