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Harold Taylor

Harold Taylor

(Didcot, Berkshire, England: 1909 - 31st December 1992)

Inspired at age 8 seeing a magician. Pro since after WW II and a popular magical MC. Aka "Arsène". The 3 pet effects that comprised the basis of, although not quite his entire act, and gave him his nickname among fellow magi were Cut-and-Restored Rope, Sucker Egg and Silk, and Egg on Fan. Toured USA in 1966. British Ring Past President. British Ring Silver Wand. Wrote 1982 Harold Taylor Lecture Notes (1982) and Magic as Entertainment: "The Angle of a Pro" (1991, 16pp). 2 audios. Many TV bits.

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Harold Taylor
Harold Taylor: The Angle of a Pro by Harold Taylor

Two hours of practical professional advice from the man who has entertained the Royal Family on several occasions and who for many years was the choice of the world's richest man, Paul Getty, as entertainer. In each volume there is a classic feature trick explained in the fullest detail move by move. Years of performing experience have enabled Harold to perfect each effect to gain maximum effect. Packed with professional advice and including several live show extracts.

Volume 2 opens smartly with the Harold Taylor presentation of the marvelous Stodare Egg effect. Use this and you will be...

★★★★ $14
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