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Harrismatic is a very young magician and creator. He was born and is living in Greece where he started doing magic since he was 6 years old!

He was always interested in things regarding mystery, secret and surprise and found magic as an ideal way to innovate and create. The mystery machines constructed across his childhood which only work in his imagination ended up taking life in another world where the impossible is true, a world where ... everything you can imagine, is real ...


Coauthors: Nefesch

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Phoenix Resurrection by Harrismatic

A bill and a playing card are signed and make an amazing effect happen. You set the bill on fire and throw it on the cards laying on the table. In a burst of flames the bill travels inside the signed card.

  • Easy to make gimmick
  • Ends completely clean
  • The bill is REALLY inside their card (spectator can remove the bill)
  • A memorable moment with an amazing souvenir
[NOTE: You will need flash bills in order to perform this effect.]

length 17 minutes.

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