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Heather Jay

Heather Jay

Mentalist and Hypnotist Heather Jay performs with a lifetime dedication to the mystic arts, best known for her risque but comedic mentalism performances. Heather has entertained adult audiences in burlesque variety shows, comedy clubs, and small theaters all over the midwestern United States for over a decade.

Heather's approach to mentalism is minimal and effective. Her minimalist style allows her to focus on each performances' impact and entertainment value. Heather prefers the simple approach to magic, with a heavy focus on maximum entertainment value.

Many magicians, mentalists, and other mystery entertainers have complimented Heather on her diabolically simple methods and personally impactful entertainment style. She is excited to share some of her ideas with other entertainers and encourages you to be different, unique, and think outside the box

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Heather Jay
Betting Hands by Heather Jay

A simple and powerful display of intuition.

Imagine making an instant connection with a stranger by testing their intuition. Now, Imagine performing this test of intuition with a simple prop that you can make from almost anything.

From the mind of Heather Jay, Betting Hands is a simple and impactful demonstration using nothing more than two poker chips and your spectator's hands. Carry this in your pocket, and be prepared for a fantastic moment of synchronization and intuition.

This ebook will give you a full performance for the "Betting Hands" routine and detailed instructions on how...

★★★★ $9
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