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Henri Garenne

Penname of "Dr." Frank Lind. Lind married the former wife of John Meurice Hiodini, Eliza Agnes Bragger (who died in 1900). In the 1901 census, Lind was living in Leeds with his occupation listed as the proprietor of a waxworks located in the Tiger Stores.

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Henri Garenne
The Art of Modern Conjuring Magic and Illusions by Henri Garenne

From the introduction:

I have written this work not as an exposure of the art of Conjuring and Magic, but simply to act as a guide for amateurs and young beginners; therefore I shall enumerate many tricks and illusions that my young friends can perform at home amongst their numerous friends. In addition to this, I shall also enumerate those tricks and illusions which demand a larger amount of room, and also require specially constructed apparatus; such tricks the amateur would do well not to attempt, as they are only suitable for performance on a stage. I shall give a description of most...

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