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Henry Bohlen

Henry Bohlen

(Germany: 1907 - )

Moved to USA in 1926. Semi-pro as "Bohleno". Wrote Bohleno's Five Original Performance-Proven Mysteries (London: 1947, 14pp). Invented Handkerchief and Rope Penetration (by 1941) and Top Start, which won the 1949 SAM Convention 1st prize.

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Henry Bohlen
Bohleno's Mysteries by Henry Bohlen

Five original performance tested routines:

  • Triple Ring-Silk Penetration
  • Impossible Floating Handkerchief
  • Devil's Own Knife-Cut Ribbon
  • Multi-Cut Paper Strip
  • Master Silk Through Ropes

1st edition 1947; original 14 pages; PDF 16 pages.

★★★★★ $5
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