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Henry Dean

(England: fl.1720s)

Henry Dean was an English magic dealer and instructor because in the one book he wrote Hocus Pocus he repeatedly advertises his products as well as that he is available as an instructor. He even provides his address as: Little Tower-hill, Postern-row, a bookseller's shop.

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Henry Dean
Hocus Pocus or the whole art of legerdemain in perfection by Henry Dean

Describes classics such as the cups and balls, gypsy thread, ball vase, and various popular card and coin tricks still performed today. Learn how to make a shiner from a coin and a drop of water or beer, how to make a double-faced coin, how to eat fire, and other tricks and stunts. A book like this reminds us how old magic really is. We think that the latest and 'newest' trick being hyped and hawked online is indeed new, when in fact it is far from new and often is based on ideas and methods hundreds of years old.

Clearly, Henry Dean was a magic dealer because several times he advertises...

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