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Herman L. Weber

Herman L. Weber

(Allentown, Pennsylvania: 17th June 1900 - 23rd February 1953)

Aka "Namreh" (since 1919), "The Wizard Weber", and "Mr. Hocus Pocus". Inspired at age 7. Debut in 1921. Semi-pro in Chicago 1923-31. Also magic dealer ("Namreh's New Magic") in Chicago in late 1920s. 1934 Sphinx Award. As pro toured a Spook Show thru eastern USA 1935-41 and entire USA until Dec 1943 when retired from touring. Continued to write on magic and play local dates.

Invented Sympathetique card trick (well before 1934).

Wrote Namreh's Necromantic Novelties (1919-22, a series of booklets), Namreh's Potpourri (1927-29, a series of booklets), Namreh's New Magic (1928, a catalog), Namreh's Lincoln Rings [c1932], Money from Magic (1935, 32pp), Out of the Spook Cabinet (1947), etc. Tricks in Sphinx, Genii, and Hugard’s Magic Monthly.

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Herman L. Weber

Out of the Spook Cabinet by Herman L. WeberA famous theatre ghost show performer reveals the secrets behind many of his hair-raising blackout stunts.

Want to host a midnight spook show? Or perhaps you want to host an entertaining seance or spooktacular ghost blackout routine in your magic act. Herman L. Weber ("Namreh") explains how to haunt a theatre with convincing ghost, spook and blackout effects that will scare the YELL out of your audience.

Introduction by Francisco, himself a famous ghost show performer.

One of the included effects, "The Floating Soul," was previously sold separately for $30 by mail. Another, "The Spectral...

2018 / 3 / 4

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Herman L. Weber

Linking Rings by Herman L. WeberProfessional methods for performing the Linking Rings. This routine has dozens of clear Nelson Hahne drawings, plus good text. A feature of the routine is that it teaches you how to make objects like a chair, flower, butterfly, purse, globe, etc. etc. These are sure applause getters. Also includes some great sucker gags, and other professional touches you can find nowhere else.

PDF 27 pages

2017 / 4 / 24

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