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How To Read in Total Darkness
by Devin Knight

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How To Read in Total Darkness by Devin Knight

Two lost secrets of Jason Michaels finally revealed. This is the only PDF to the best of our knowledge ever written on the subject. In this release you will learn Jason Michaels' secrets for creating the illusion of seeing in the dark. Jason made quite a reputation for himself doing these stunts back in the 80s revealed for the first time.

One of these secrets even fooled Al Mann. The effect is that the psychic or mentalist has a book examined to make sure all the pages are different. It can be a borrowed book. The performer rubs a cream under his eyes, claiming this allows him to see in the dark. The lights are turned out and a spectator opens the book anywhere and hands it to the performer in the dark. The performer immediately starts reading from the selected page, even describing any picture that may be on the page. The lights are turned on and it is verified that the performer read correctly.

The effect can be repeated with the spectator opening the book in the dark to a different page and the performer reads it. This is NOT the old luminous card used to read in the dark. This is something entirely new. In fact, the performer can have someone stand behind him in the dark and look over his shoulder while he sits and reads to verify there are no hidden lights. Something not possible with other methods. Positively no hidden gimmicks are used.

There is NO way for the performer to be caught cheating. The lights can be turned on at any time by surprise and the performer will be 100% clean. This can be performed any place that you can create total darkness, such as a finished basement or recreation room with no windows.


A borrowed deck is shuffled by a spectator. The lights are turned out and he removes four cards. He mixes these four cards in the dark and turns some of the cards over in the dark creating a packet of four unknown cards, some face up, some face down. He hands the performer these cards in the dark. Performer states that he will sort all the cards into a face up row and name them in the dark. He proceeds to do just that. When the lights are turned on all the cards are in a face up row and the performer has correctly named them. Extremely baffling.

There is no skill needed, the deck can be borrowed and the cards are not marked in any way to enable the performer to know if a card is face up or face down in the dark. The sorting of cards in the dark, deciding if a card is face up or face down, is an original effect never seen before and is a Jason Michaels' creation. [Note that you will need to have access to the borrowed deck before the performance.]

"This is one of the most impossible things I have ever heard of. It will floor any audience. This effect of "Seeing In Total Darkness" is a stroke of genius from the past that Devin Knight has revived to be an absolutely brilliant modern effect. This effect is astounding. If this were performed in a physics classroom, with the physics teacher present, then they would all be fooled, because Devin's method of performing Seeing in the Dark is easy to do, yet hard to figure out. Scientists might imagine that Devin Knight is using an unknown physical energy. Whether the spectators are scientists, or are a lay audience, Devin Knight's "Seeing In Total Darkness" will deeply astonish everyone." - Ronald Levy

"Another release in the Jason Michaels series, that is sure to fool the most hardcore skeptic in your audience. What was once accomplished using clever gimmicks, Devin has thoroughly worked this routine out to make it better without using any gimmicks at all. This is one of those routines that would perfectly fit into your PSI Parties and Seance routines. I love it!" - Robert Marsi

"For $8.00 this is another winner, as it does not use the traditional gimmick methods. It's actually better in many ways. As first, I did question if this method would go past a real audience. So I tried it out the other day for a few friends at a party I was attending - even used a borrowed book. I can tell you this is another winner, having tested it myself. Also, very easy to do. It will work great in a black out seance as well. This one is growing on me fast." - Bill Montana

1st edition 2016, 10 pages.
word count: 2421 which is equivalent to 9 standard pages of text