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I'll Have a Double
by Wesley James

#3 Theory, Articles & Reviews author

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I'll Have a Double by Wesley James

Wesley James has done it again! While no single volume could include every multiple lift technique that has been shared in magic's vast literature, anyone that performs card magic needs the powerful tool multiple lifts can offer. Simply stated, this is the single most extensive work on multiple lifts ever created. No list could be fully comprehensive, but you'll find an abundance of techniques referenced in the exhaustive bibliography. You'll also discover as much multiple lift information as has ever been placed between two covers, and more.

Everyone who performs card magic needs to understand the extraordinary weapon multiple lift techniques can provide. That understanding demands more than an array of techniques designed to address specific applications but a grasp of the theory that enables multiple lifts to be employed practically and reliably. Mastery of this one class of techniques can revolutionize your card magic. In the pages of this work, you will find all you are ever likely to need to know about how and why multiple lifts can be used to amplify the impact of your card magic. Study of these pages will allow you to grasp the scope and limitations of multiple lift techniques.

All these subjects and more are addressed with the in-depth insight and attention to detail characteristic of Wesley James' writing. In more than a hundred densely packed, well-illustrated pages you will find the accumulated wisdom garnered from well over fifty years of experience distilled into clear concepts and detailed descriptions. You'll also find a collection of effects and routines that exploit the power of multiple lifts. It offers more than expected and precisely what you need.

More than 50,000 words plus extensive illustrations, in over 100 pages, formatted for careful study. The ebook price is just $60 and, as you'll see from the Table of Contents below, you'll want to read this book carefully to learn all it offers.

  • Table of Contents
  • Introduction
  • Overview
  • The Terrain
    • Multiple Lift Issues
    • Setting cards for Multiple Lifts
    • Moving multiple cards for display
    • Gripping multiple cards for display
    • Cleaning Up
  • Naturalness - The Double Lift--And More
    • The Double Lift
  • Setting Up a Lift
  • Wesley's Half Wrist Turn - WHWT Double Lift
  • The Pinky Count
  • The Squeeze
  • Turning the Lift
  • The WJ Two-Step Double Lift
  • The WJ Two-Step Double Lift Hit Variation
  • The KDW Double Lift
  • The Leipzig Snap Double Lift
  • Curry's Drawback Double Lift
    • Throw Change/Toss Change
  • Gravity Lifts
    • The Gravity Turnover
  • The WJ/Stuart Gordon Turnover Variation
  • Cleaning Up
  • The Unload Subtlety
  • Vernon's Double Lift Clean Up
    • WJ Variation
  • The KM Move
    • Reversed Fingered KM Move
  • Theory
  • Three-Point Theory
    • Developing Rules
    • The Torrales Bounce
  • Effects/Routines
  • Topsy Turvy III
  • Impeccable Follow-Up
    • The Slide Out Double Lay-down
  • Paint it Blue
    • Bertram/James Spread Revelation
    • Notes on a Limited Stack
  • Too Much Ambition
  • More than a Transpo
    • Invisible Flight II
      • Handling I
      • Handling II
      • Handling III
  • Got Milk II
  • RTM II
    • Splay Grip
    • Neoteric Monte (Applying the Change)
  • The Divine Open Prediction
  • Appendix A
  • Breaking in the Cards
  • Index
  • Cited Text
  • Bibliography
    • Push Off
    • The Vernon Push Off
    • Vernon Simulated Push-Off
    • Strike/Hit Lift
    • Leipzig Double Lift
    • Get Ready Techniques
    • Stuart Gordon Turnover & Variations
    • Altman Trap
    • Replacement Moves
    • Vernon Replacement
    • Tamariz/Bruce/Close/James Replacement
    • Other Lift Techniques

1st edition 2021, PDF 116 pages.
word count: 52929 which is equivalent to 211 standard pages of text

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