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Impossible Mentalism Compilation 1
by Mike Kempner

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Impossible Mentalism Compilation 1 by Mike Kempner

The Perfect Passcode PIN Reveal: You tell your spectator that you are going to try to guess their Passcode (or PIN) to their cell phone, but that in order to do so, you first need to see his driver's license. You see his driver's license. The performer only thinks (no asking ANY questions to the spectator or saying ANY words to the spectator) and then immediately writes down 4 numbers on 4 post-it notes (1 number per post-it note). You show the spectator the first 2 of these post-it notes containing the numbers in a random fashion, and the spectator confirms that they DO mean something to him. Two more post-it notes later, everyone's mind is shattered as the spectator confirms what you wrote down on all 4 post-it notes is his PIN NUMBER! [Note: Uses dual reality!]

The Mentalist's Karate Kick: Your spectator literally has the ability to select any one of 52 cards. To aid in this selection process, you ask the spectator to cut a deck of cards into 5 piles. She does. You ask her to peek at any one of the top cards of any one of the piles and place it back so you have no clue what card it is. She does. You then instruct her to arrange the 5 piles back together so it creates one pile. She does. The next thing that happens is simply amazing! You kick the deck (yes, you literally kick the deck with your feet), and all the cards are separated EXCEPT FOR ONE. It is their card. There is nothing fishy at play, and the deck will be completely examinable throughout the effect. So, how did you do it? It's all in the feet. This is The Karate Kick. [Note: You will need some secret ingredient for this trick that you will have lying around at home.]

Magnetic Money Part 2: You tell your spectator that you have been attracting a lot of money recently. To demonstrate, you show a business card or playing card on your finger, with a coin on top of that very card. Despite the fact that it is impossible to remove the card without also removing the coin, you proceed to do the impossible: in a split second, without touching the coin AT ALL, the card apparently flies out of your hand, and the coin impossibly remains on your fingertip. The only explanation is that your finger is a magnet for money! [Note: This is the old pull the table cloth out under the dishes turned into a close-up trick.]

The "IDAHO" Principle: The mentalist asks a spectator to provide him with a deck of cards. You truly borrow the cards from a genuine person (not a stooge). Once you have the cards and before the effect begins, you show the spectator that there are 52 different cards in a deck and 2 jokers. It truly is a normal deck. Once the spectator has seen that it is truly a normal deck (which it should be, of course, because the spectator has provided the deck), you then take the deck of cards and tell her to close her eyes for one second so that you can add ONE REVERSED CARD to the deck. She closes her eyes for one second as you do this. The deck of cards is then provided to the spectator. Now, the effect begins and from this point onwards, you will not touch the deck. With the deck in the spectator's hand, the spectator physically selects ANY card (absolutely no force) and inserts it back (same configuration, NOT REVERSED) somewhere in the middle of the deck. You remind the spectator that you had inserted ONE REVERSED CARD in the deck when she had previously closed her eyes for one second. What is the coincidence that it is the same card that she physically selected just moments earlier? To prove your amazing power, she spreads the deck on a table (or any surface, for that matter) and sees for herself that there is indeed only one card reversed. It is, in fact, her card. She did all the work, but you get all the credit. Simply a hands-off miracle, with her own deck of cards. [Note: This can fail and requires very good spectator control.]

The Business Card: The mentalist gives the spectator a piece of paper with a prediction. From that moment onwards, the mentalist never touches this prediction, HONESTLY! It can be kept with the spectator tightly clamped in his or her hands, it doesn't matter---you will always be right. What you will be right about is the prediction involving which business card out of 5 (each one is numbered for ease of differentiation) your spectator will choose. [Note: The numbering is not consecutive and you will need laminated business cards.]

Emotional Mentalism: The mentalist shows a vivid picture of a depressing scene (can't say more without exposure). It truly is so depressing and sad that some audience members may even shed tears. The point is not to make them cry, but rather to convey and confirm to everyone that what can be seen is horrible. No one in the audience will think that the picture is anything but sad. However, when you show the same picture to the "hypnotized" spectator (no switch, no gimmicks---it is LITERALLY the same picture), and after you ask her how it makes her feel, she will say that it gives her laughter. This will stump everyone as to how someone could feel this way after seeing this picture, even psychologists. After you remove the spectator from her hypnotic state, she will admit that the picture is absolutely NOTHING to laugh about, and that it is indeed very sad. [Note: Uses a verbal deception.]

1st edition 2015, 9 pages.
word count: 4634 which is equivalent to 18 standard pages of text