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J. P. Rambling

JP Rambling is a company name taken from my pen-name (Joel Phillips) and the fact I ramble on. A Different Class is semi-biographical the characters and places are amalgamations of people and places I know / have known. In essence what you read in the novel is pretty much what happened. I did indeed spend my early developing years in a small mining community and went to a boarding school where I was like a fish out of water. Still carrying baggage from those years I married early but after seven years and four children we knew it would never work and parted. Bereavements followed and I travelled extensively for five years with stints in the merchant navy. An ill-advised move in search of cheaper housing became the basis for my second book due out in December. Writing began as therapy, turned into a hobby and at some point may become a profession, but I'm not holding my breath.

I began writing A Different Class after seeing problems encountered by my own sons which reflected some of the issues I had. It seemed very little had changed. The book is a statement against bullying and abuse of all kinds. Everybody will relate to it in some way whether it be through personal experience or the experiences of someone close.


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