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Jamy Ian Swiss

Jamy Ian Swiss

An acclaimed master of the challenging art of sleight of hand, Jamy Ian Swiss has performed magic throughout the United States for presenters ranging from Fortune 500 companies to the Smithsonian Institution to New York City's famed Rainbow Room. He has lectured to magicians in 13 countries; is the author of several books including a collection of essays entitled Shattering Illusions; The Art of Magic PBS, the companion to the PBS documentary. He has produced and written for television including Penn and Teller's Sin City Spectacular, The Virtual Magician; and the Discovery Channel special, Cracking the Con Games; and has made numerous television appearances in the United States, Europe and Japan, including U.S. appearances on CBS 48 Hours, PBS Nova and the PBS documentary The Art of Magic, Comedy Central, and repeat appearances on The Today Show. He is the creator of Card Clinic, an intensive 3-day seminar on sleight-of-hand card magic, and has also taught at McBride Magic School and at the Sylvan Academy in Italy. According to Penn and Teller, 'Jamy Ian Swiss makes one understand what a terrifying art form pure sleight of hand can be. He is James Bond with a deck of cards for a pistol!'


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Jamy Ian Swiss
Jamy Ian Swiss Book Reviews by Jamy Ian Swiss

Unless you have been hiding in the basement for the last decade, you know Jamy Ian Swiss has been writing insightful, well written, educational, funny, and opinionated book reviews for Genii magazine. Swiss, soon to begin his ninth year of book criticism, began reviewing books for Genii in June of 1994.

Now you can own the complete collection of book reviews, from 1994 through 2001, in one convenient ebook. In addition to 217 reviews, you’ll receive "A Millennium of Magic Literature," a special, comprehensive feature Swiss wrote for the January 2001 millennium issue of Genii, as well as an introduction...

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