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Jean Boucher

Jean Boucher

Jean is a Canadian comedy magician. He is three-time champion of The Magic Montreal Close-up Magic Competition and has worked for cruise liners, casinos, and many large corporations.


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Jean Boucher
The Dark Card by Jean Boucher

A gaffed card that allows performing a super-clean back color change of a signed card.

From a red-backed deck, a spectator selects and removes a card, signs the face, and returns it to the deck. The deck is spread and a blue-backed card is seen in the middle of the spread. When turned over, it is the card he signed.


  • The spectator removes and handles his initial selection which is a red-backed card.
  • At the end, he can also handle the blue-backed card (he can even keep it as a souvenir).
  • No carbon or other signature transfers. This one is a fooler. It is one of those "things...
★★★★ $10
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