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Jeff Pierce

Jeff Pierce, who resides in Orlando Florida with his wife and daughter, has had an interest in magic for over 30 years.

He has released a number of magic creations, including his latest mental effect called "Telepa-Three."

Jeff has worked in the television and video production field for the past 25 years and is knowledgeable in all phases of production.

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Jeff Pierce
The King Has Left the Building ... with Amnesia by Jeff Pierce

Thinking Inside the Box
A card merely thought of by your spectator, appears inside the card box sandwiched between two Jokers.

Cash Deposit
A borrowed bill and a bank deposit slip transpose under the spectators nose.

Let your spectator think he's the magician.

Visual Rubber Band Un-Link
A new method of un-linking two rubber bands.

Rubber Band Split
A single rubber band is split into two.

The Shrinking Band
One rubber band shrinks as it is absorbed into another.

The King Has Left The Building... With Amnesia
A two card transposition, Elvis style.


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