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Joel Dresnick

Joel Dresnick is a professional mentalist and magician from Miami, Florida. He became interested in magic after attending a David Copperfield show at a young age. At age 10, magic became an obsession. After reading every magic book he could get his hands on and performing for every person he met, Joel started performing professionally at a restaurant at age 18. Since then, Joel has been published in several magazines, including Vibrations, the prestigious magazine for the Psychic Entertainers Association.

Joel now primarily performs mentalism at corporate events and private parties, and is also working on his own mental stage show.

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Joel Dresnick
Instinct by Joel Dresnick

Learn the secrets of professional mentalist and magician Joel Dresnick. Throughout this e-book you will read inspiring essays, learn incredible magic and mentalism utilizing modern technology, and learn powerful mind reading.

Here are some of the effects featured in Instinct:

  • Card to Computer - A card visually jumps in and out of a computer screen
  • Scent - A powerful routine using smell as a way to connect two spectators
  • Chair Opener - An impressive way to open your favorite Chair routine
  • Googeling Card - Visual card magic using the popular website Google
  • Instinct - A spectator uses...
2009 / 8 / 17

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