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John Hamilton

(USA: fl.1940s - 60s)

Amateur cardman in New Hampshire. Discovered the Free Cut Principle and applied it in his Eyes of the Gods card trick (1948), the Australian Deal (1951). Invented Scientific Rope, Computer Deck, and Silk Flight (1958). Articles in Phoenix 1945-52, [lp=77 Hugard's Magic Monthly (since 1956), and Pallbearers.

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John Hamilton
Eyes of the Gods by John Hamilton

An exceedingly clever location of two cards using the Free Cut Principle by the inventor of this beautiful principle.

Effect: The performer hands a deck of cards to one of two spectators with the request that he shuffle it, and then divide it equally with a second spectator. While this is being done, the performer turns his back.

Now each spectator is instructed to select a card from his respective half. Next they each exchange a number of cards so that the performer doesn't know how many cards each man holds, or which cards were selected (and he doesn't). Now the performer tells them...

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