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John Hostler

John Hostler, known variously as the Magical Curmudgeon and "the guy with the beard," has survived comfortably on magicdom's periphery since the late 1970's. While material developed in his early teens found its way to a one-man Parade in Linking Ring magazine, it wasn't until Jerry Mentzer's Card File II that Hostler's magic appeared in a standalone publication. In 2009, the controversial Rauschenberg Effect marked the inaugural release of John's "A" and "B+" material. This was followed by the critically praised Cryptical Envelopment, The Triskadequadra Principle, Tell Monte, and – most recently – Magnum Opossum. Hostler's writing, plots, technique, and scripting routinely swerve from the beaten path.

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Firkin of Deipotent Trouvailles

John Hostler

Firkin of Deipotent Trouvailles by John HostlerA left-leaning collection of magic and paranormal fakery. [Note: John expresses his political views in this ebook. If you get easily offended by such statements then this ebook is probably not for you.]

Seeds for FDT were sown at roughly 1:30am CST on November 9, 2016. Nothing sparks creativity like frustration and angst ... and the floodgates only opened wider as our 45th president's destructive first year dragged on. Twenty-seven worn decks and 400 gallons of coffee later, Firkin of Deipotent Trouvailles was born.

While the hermetic author persists in his role as a "songwriter who can sing and play a little" - an observer more attuned to audience perception than magicians' ergonomic convenience - empathy is clearly in order....

2018 / 8 / 8

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