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Johnny Geddes

Johnny Geddes

(Edinburgh, Scotland: 1918 - ?)

John Reid "Johnny" Geddes was a professional kid-show and (as "John Reid") comedy magician. Edited Monthly Mirror (1950-52, 21 issues). Also booking agent since 1955. Wrote several booklets, including Gags with Gimmicks (1956, 60pp), It's Strictly Comedy (1958, 12pp), and Dope on Deception (1988, 16pp). Columnist for Magigram. Tricks in Abra, Magic Magazine, etc.

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Johnny Geddes
Applause-able Magic by Johnny Geddes

The title reads Applause-able Magic, and that is exactly what this ebook contains. Magic that will bring you the APPLAUSE you desire and magic that is presentable.

The author writes from experience, both as a childrens' entertainer and as a variety act. We leave you to pick out the gems from the dust, but, remember that it is gold dust, which is always valuable - somewhere - sometime.

  • Foreword
  • Passe Passe Tins
  • Silk Shirt
  • Silk Frock
  • I've Got Worms
  • The Card Mixer
  • Magic Song Book
  • Colour Changing Reels
  • Sally The Silkworm
  • Comedy Camera Capers
  • Egg And Lemon
  • Ha-Ha Hat
  • High Hands ...
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