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Juggling Cubes and Balls
by Akira Watanabe

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Juggling Cubes and Balls by Akira Watanabe

An introduction to juggling with cubes, beanbags, and balls.

  • Juggling Balls/Beanbags
    • The Cascade
    • Caution in Handling
  • The Cascade
    • With One Ball
    • With Two Balls
    • With Three Balls
    • Completion of Cascade!
  • Various Techniques Part
    • Half Shower
    • Shower
    • Start With Two Balls
    • Start With Three Balls
    • Elevator
    • YO-YO
  • Higher Level Technique Part
    • Pass Under Leg
    • Bouncing
    • With Four Balls
    • With Five Balls
    • Bounce By Body
    • Riding on monocycle

Originally written in Japanese by Akira Watanabe. Illustrated by Keiko Sakai. Translated to English by Eizo Nokihara.

1st edition ~2005; PDF 22 pages.
word count: 3769 which is equivalent to 15 standard pages of text