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Jumbo Card Tricks
by Eddie Joseph


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Jumbo Card Tricks by Eddie Joseph

These are Eddie Joseph's thoughts on jumbo cards from a time when jumbo cards were a real novelty. Note that several of the tricks described require special jumbo cards such as double facers, duplicates, etc., and some require tearing cards and writing on cards.

  • L & W reversed card
  • A useful force
  • The shrinking jumbo
  • Turn around card
  • To bring the cards to the top without a pass
  • Burning a woman alive
  • Message from the flames
  • A mental test
  • A stripper deck trick
  • Two card Monte
  • Prediction with a special deck
  • Mirror box
  • Rising card trick
  • A change with a double face card
  • Reds and blacks
  • Up pops a card
  • Message from the dead
  • Coincidence
  • Reds and blues
  • Chinese card trick
  • Production box
  • Fly to cards
  • Blindfold salt trick
  • Torn and restored jumbo
  • Do as I do
  • Cards in the pocket
  • Three cards and a ribbon
  • Another double face
  • A restoration
  • Stop trick
  • Wandering deuce
  • The rub off
  • Patriotic dates

word count: 7004 which is equivalent to 28 standard pages of text