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Junior Shankar

Junior Shankar

(July 29, 1978 - )

A child protege of magic, he was the winner of the title "youngest Magician of the World" from the SAM and the "Houdini of India" from US Press in 1982. He won the "Jury's Special Award" at FISM 1991. Junior Shankar has since performed all around the world in India, America, Gulf Countries, United Kingdom, Switzerland and Germany.

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Junior Shankar
How's That? by Junior Shankar

A selection of close-up routines.

Excerpt from the introduction:

It is true that most of the ideas we get are from the books, Magazines etc. but many such ideas are left in a corner as they are difficult to prepare or the materials are not available. Whenever I get such ideas, I think of ways to make them easy and possible for performance.

  • Introduction
  • Gamblers Secrets
  • The Poor Man’s Rainbow
  • Way Out
  • Jazz Cards
  • Chopped Cards Through Table
  • Copper And Silver Plus
  • Magician Gets his Wish
  • Tall Fat Lady
  • Nu Way Coins Across
  • Impossible Prediction
  • E Zee Center Tear
  • Meet Junior...
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