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Karl Norman

Karl Norman

(17th November 1918 - )

Born in Buffalo, New York. Learned in 1931 from library books and magic sets. Toolmaker. Semi-pro magician since 1938 doing kid shows and close-up sleight-of-hand. Was Gene Gordon's first demonstrator in 1946. Worked the Forks Hotel bar in Buffalo 1970-1980s. 1982 FFFF "Best" award.

See Mike Porstmann, Karl Norman (1993, in German) translated into English by Anthony Brahams as Forty Years at the Forks (1995).

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Karl Norman
The Karl Norman Interview by Karl Norman

Life, Magic and The Forks Hotel. For nearly 40 years Karl worked his magic behind the bar of the famed Forks Hotel in Buffalo, NY. Magicians from all over the world would flock to the bar to see Karl and Eddie Fechter work. Many magicians got their start at the Forks. In this 45 minute interview Karl talks about how he got his start in magic, how he met Eddie Fechter, The Forks hotel, how the FFFF convention got started and more, all while telling some great stories. This is a great tale of magic history.

★★★★★ $10
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