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Ken Benge

Ken Benge

(San Diego: March 22nd, 1947 - )

Kenneth William Benge majored in speech arts at San Diego State College. Ken had dabbled in magic when just a lad and was only 13 when his interest was diverted to juggling by John Burdeen, who lived nearby. Two major influences on his life were Bobby May, the great American juggler, and the hand balancer Hughie Long. In 1970, at the second annual World Juggling Championships, Ken won the Ball Juggling event as well as several others. He was president of the International Jugglers' Association, 1970-71.

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Ken Benge
3 Ball Juggling by Ken Benge

A very good primer on ball juggling explaining more than 40 tricks.

  • Introduction
  • You Start
  • First Ten Tricks
    • One Ball High
    • Three Balls High
    • Reverse Cascade
    • Under Your Right Leg
    • Two Balls In One Hand
    • One Center—Two Out
    • Cross-Over
    • Around—Two—Three
    • Around Your Back
    • Over Your Head With Half Turn
  • The Shower
  • The Second Ten Tricks
    • Over Your Shoulder
    • The String
    • One Through
    • One Around
    • Under Your Left Leg
    • Alternating Under Both Legs
    • Overhand Juggling
    • Chops
    • Backoffs
  • Starts And Stops
    • Two Around Back
    • Three Bounce Start
    • Three Under Leg Start
    • Three Around Back...
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