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Las Vegas Kardma
by Allan Ackerman

#2 DVD (download+stream) author

(5 customer ratings) ★★★★★

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Las Vegas Kardma by Allan Ackerman

Allan Ackerman is considered one of the top cardmen in the world. He has an incredibly broad repertoire with cards. In Las Vegas Kardma you'll find over 50 choice Ackerman masterpieces, ranging from completely self working to the knucklebusters that cardmen love to study. Allan's routines are designed with one main goal, totally devastate an audience.

Table of Contents

  1. Gemini Mates and its Variations
    1. My Favorite Gemini
    2. Tell-All Gemini
    3. Gem-Money Mates
    4. Aronson's Gemini
  2. Ace Assemblies
    1. Finally Unassembled
    2. Finally Unassembled-Gaffed
    3. Bag of O'Henrys
    4. Some More Blues
  3. Every Move a Move
    1. Swing Cut Bottom Palm
    2. The AB Bottom Palm
    3. Ackerman Varies Kelly to a Full Bottom Palm
    4. Some Thoughts on the Zarrow Shuffle
    5. The Movie Control
    6. The Spooky Altman Trap
    7. Master Move Action Palm
    8. A Kosy Kut
    9. A Tabled Reverse
    10. A Reverse Double Undercut
  4. Some Marlo Gems
    1. A Double Color Change
    2. Marlo's Double Brainwave Update
    3. Marlo's General Card Presentation
    4. Stacked Topsy Turvy Aces
  5. A Potpourri of Effects
    1. Revisiting the Card Case Collectors
    2. The Spectator Cuts Double
    3. The Spectator Cuts Triple
    4. Impromptu Paul Fox
    5. The Vanishing Aces
    6. Ackerman's Opener
    7. Mixed Up Blues
    8. In Place of a Set-up
    9. The 76 Sandwich
    10. Another Reverse Matrix
    11. Twenty-Five Year Old Brain Wave
    12. Small Packet All Backs
    13. A Self-Working Quick Coincidence
    14. A New Game
    15. TwoGetherness
    16. The Almost Perfect Transposition
    17. For Magicians Only
    18. Return of the Black Widow
    19. Impromptu Sidewalk Shuffle
    20. Another Sidewalk Shuffle
    21. No-Throw Monte
    22. Out of this World #2000
    23. Quad Transposition
    24. Wright On
    25. Almost Consistent Cries and Whispers
  6. Appendix
    1. The Slip Shod
    2. The Elmsley Count
    3. Up the Ladder
    4. The Three-Card Location
    5. The Faro Shuffle

1st edition 1994; 176 pages.
word count: 46928 which is equivalent to 187 standard pages of text