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Lecture Collection
by Mark Leveridge

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Lecture Collection by Mark Leveridge

Three of Mark's previously published lecture books in one convenient download:

  • The Mark Leveridge Lecture Experience
  • Solutions
  • The Serial Thriller Lecture Book

The Mark Leveridge Lecture Experience

In this 82 page ebook there are some tremendous practical close up and mental items using cards, coins, rings, matches, envelopes and bank notes, with virtually no specialist equipment required. By using a subtle blend of good routining and some sleight of hand, many interesting and novel effects are created for you to use.

Some of Mark's best work is here - items such as 'It Pays To Be A Lady' and 'Paper Money' are minor classics, while effects such as 'The Invisible Deck Routine' and 'The Slap Coin Vanish' are still part of Mark's repertoire today.

  • Introduction
  • Foreword
  • Private Eye
  • Paper Money
  • Countdown Prediction
  • Cards And Coins
  • The Sensitive Queen
  • The Magic Ring
  • The Blankey-Blank Pack
  • Loop It
  • The Invisible Deck Routine
  • The Wristwatch Coin Vanish
  • The Magic Square Prediction
  • It Pays To Be A Lady
  • Flick Book
  • Pools Winner
  • A Key Routine
  • The Fastest 4 Ace Trick In The World
  • The Thought Indicator Cards
  • Coin Vanisher
  • No Palm Card To Pocket
  • The Melting Coin
  • The Bionic Card
  • New Aces Through Newspaper
  • The Slap Coin Vanish
  • Transpo Card
  • Devil's Island
  • he Detective Coin
  • Transparent Switch
  • The Homing Coin
  • The Right Wrong Prediction
  • Confusing Chips


This 28 page ebook gives full details of 8 new effects for strolling, close-up and stand-up work. Each effect is clearly described and then carefully explained with 43 line diagrams for extra clarification. All the material is highly practical, relying as it does more on subtlety than difficult sleight of hand.

  • Magnetic Attraction - an incredibly easy matrix effect using ordinary coins and two borrowed credit cards. Visually strong, you will be able to do this routine minutes after reading its secret!
  • Three Card Tricky - ever been asked if you do the three card trick? Well, here is a novel version which is entirely different to the normal routine, which has a surprise ending and is virtually self working!
  • Sili-Coin Chip - an impressive and again easy to do mental effect using chips or coins with colored stickers on them. One of five different chips is removed by the performer from a bag and a spectator correctly names the removed color.
  • Diary of a Nobody - a stunning version of the diary trick. Only one diary, one deck and a very strong kicker finish. Those who have seen this effect have called it 'outstanding'.
  • Tearaway - this ingenious method allows you to do a similar effect to Jack Chanin's torn and restored bill but with a borrowed note which can be returned afterward. No switching of bills, you can do this really close up.
  • Mint with the Hole - a borrowed coin is carefully and slowly wrapped in a borrowed bank note and without any false moves, penetrates through the note and onto a spectator's hand. Bank note and coin can be immediately returned. Very easy to do!
  • Switchback - this is fooling magicians, never mind lay people! An ingenious yet simple method for switching a Jumbo card inside a large envelope with a hole in the front. Comes as part of an entertaining stand-up routine.
  • Skint - a quick and highly magical routine in which three half dollars are removed from a purse, completely vanish and are immediately found back in the purse again. No gimmicks, straightforward handling including some excellent coin vanishes.

The Serial Thriller Lecture Book

This lecture ebook contains 26 pages and has 35 line diagrams. Intended to be more than just a memory jogger for those who have already seen the actual lecture, this ebook contains full explanations of 8 routines covering close up, strolling magic, stand up, children's and even trade show work. Here is a breakdown of the contents:

  • The Right Choice - a highly versatile and very easy to do effect which is perfect to adapt to any number of different themes when working a corporate function or a trade show.
  • Intuition - a routine for restaurant work in which a spectator apparently uses her intuition to find an envelope containing her name when mixed with several others.
  • Lapadance - terrific fun activity for all children's entertainers requiring nothing more than the children themselves, some space and enough confidence to sing a little in public!
  • The Side Steal Envelope and The Notecase - full details of how to make a special envelope for secretly obtaining a bank note slipped inside, followed by a fun stand up routine using it in conjunction with a borrowed note.
  • My Card, Sir - a quick, magical and very easy way to apparently print your business card when asked for one by a prospective booker. Leaves a good impression and makes them more likely to keep your card!
  • Partners - ideal stand up or close up show routine for family type events (weddings, anniversaries, adult birthdays). Features a married couple in some fun with a magical finish.
  • Pass The Parcel - great participation effect for children's shows or for any family audience event. Uses several volunteer helpers in a routine lasting several all absorbing minutes.
  • Card In Mind - strong close up or stand up show card routine. The performer predicts the name of a card merely thought of by a spectator and then even correctly reveals exactly where the thought of card is in a deck shuffled by a spectator!
1st edition 2006; 139 pages.
word count: 56426 which is equivalent to 225 standard pages of text

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