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Lee Morgan Andrews

Lee Morgan Andrews

Lee Morgan Andrews is a pseudonym for the Portuguese mentalist and speaker Leandro Morgado, born in Lisbon in 1981. Being also a writer and creator of immersive theatre experiences, Leandro developed a passion for the performing arts at a young age. He graduated in Anthropology, and after years of working in the field, he decided to pursue his passion for magic, mentalism and communication.

Over the past decade, Leandro has made a name for himself as a mentalist and author. He wrote the book The Secrets of Your Mind (Os Segredos da Sua Mente, in Portuguese) which explores the psychology behind mentalism for the general public and provides readers with practical techniques and insights.

In addition to his writing, Leandro is also a highly sought-after consultant and writer for TV and radio shows. In 2021, during lock-down, he wrote the podcast Homemade Trickery - Self-Inflicted Magic For The Bored Soul, an interactive magic podcast that brings to life the world of radio magic. He has also created immersive experiences that combine mentalism, magic and storytelling, taking audiences on unforgettable journeys that challenge their perceptions.


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Lee Morgan Andrews
Letters to a Young Mentalist by Lee Morgan Andrews

Mentoring at your fingertips. Inspirations, musings and creative insights.

Letters To A Young Mentalist is a compendium of epistolary wisdom, advice and musing born from the proficuous letter exchange between a seasoned professional and an eager receptive protégé.

In these pages, you will find thoughts on creativity, mentoring, writing, staging and much more. The contents are both practical and inspiring, encouraging a dialogue on what mentalism is and how we can make it more meaningful, artful and reverberating. Some of the insights are thought-provoking, while others are invaluable...

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