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Lee Smith

Lee Smith

Lee has been performing magic full time for over six years, and has performed for many of the biggest corporate companies in the UK, he also regularly entertains celebrities and has performed on TV.

He runs a magic agency, and creates effects for fellow magicians.

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Lee Smith
Fifth Element by Lee Smith

Two strong card effects with a mentalism theme.

The Third Degree
The first spectator thinks of a card, the second spectator picks a card which is placed on the table under a glass, and then the third spectator selects a card which is removed from the deck and then visually changed into the card on the table, and the card under the glass becomes the first spectator's thought of card.

Fifth Element (thought of card to pocket)
The spectator is shown five cards and asked to think of any one of them. The five cards are placed one at a time into the spectators hand and he is challenged...

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