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Lester Lake

Lester Lake

(New Trenton, Indiana: c1905 - 26th August 1977)

Pro stage magician as "Marvelo" in 1930s and 40s. Invented the Lake Guillotine (1932), Disecto (around 1938), Chinese Chopper (by 1940), Shredder (by 1940), Butterfly Cabinet (by 1940), and Wa-Ter-Lu (by 1947). Wrote The Skull Speaks (12pp).

Coauthors: T. A. Whitney

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Lester Lake & T. A. Whitney
The Talking Skull Book by Lester Lake & T. A. Whitney

It talks, it answers questions, it floats, etc. The most complete treatise on the talking skull ever published. The Talking Skull is an entertaining and versatile effect that will find a place in any magician's act. It's as much at home in a Midnight Spook Show as it is in a straight magic routine. It plays as well on a nightclub floor as it does on television. The Talking Skull can be performed as seriously as the occasion requires, or it can provide much-needed comic relief in between the more serious effects in your show.

There have been a number of methods for the Talking Skull released...

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