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Life in Digits
by Unknown Mentalist

#3 Mentalism & Spiritism author
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Life in Digits by Unknown Mentalist

Life in Digits is a collection of number divination effects and word divination effects using a single card. The card supplied to you is used by a participant to select a random 7 or 8-digit number. And the performer starts divining the number instantly and very cleanly. Or the card is used by the participant to think of a country, color, state or star sign, etc, and again the performer cleanly and instantly divines the thought.

There are 2 cards supplied to you. One is about postcard size and another is poker size. Both can be comfortably carried in your pocket.

You can perform over 15 different effects using the card. Most effects are instantly repeatable with a different outcome. And the effects use various combinations of different principles. Although this involves numbers, there is no math involved, if you want. Else, you can use a bit of math. It is totally up to you. But this is not for the rank beginner, though.

WHAT YOU GET : Life in Digits is a physical product that will be shipped to you and comes with PDF instructions that can be downloaded immediately from your digital shelf. Along with the instructions PDF, you also get a specially designed and beautifully produced set of 2 cards one of which is about 4 inches by 6 inches and the other is about poker size. With reasonable care, this card should last you many years.

EFFECTS : One of the effects is a 7-digit number divination and an indicative performance is as follows (although this is only one of 4 different performance options explained).

FIRST HIT: "Something good and positive has either repeated in the past or will repeat in future. I am sensing 'twins'. Is there a digit repeated in your number?" (Yes)

SECOND HIT: "Some of your problems are going to come to an end in the near future. I can clearly see a zero in your number" (Yes)

THIRD HIT: "You may face more smaller challenges but achieve few big successes in the near future. I can strongly feel that there are more of lower value digits than higher value digits in your number" (Yes)

FOURTH HIT: "Your life seems to be mostly well balanced in the future except for a very few manageable hiccups. I can also feel that there are more of even digits than odd digits, if you consider zero as even." (Yes)

FIFTH HIT: "Focus on the odd digits please. You seem to have a youthful heart and a positive attitude. You may also be adaptable to different social situations. So I am getting 3 and 5. Right?" (Yes)

SIXTH HIT: "And I see 3 has a twin, I mean the digit 3 is repeated in your number." (Yes)

SEVENTH HIT: "3, 5, 2 & 0 are the lower value digits. You are also quite supportive and protective by nature. Although you are self-content, you have a hidden ambition that is a result of your innate capability. So 6 & 8 are the higher value digits in your number." (Yes)

EIGHTH HIT: "Your number starts with 2 and ends with 3" (Yes)

NINTH HIT: "Let me try to get your number in the correct order. It is 2356803." (Yes)

ANOTHER EFFECT : Another effect is where 3 different participants are thinking of 3 different words and the performer is able to reveal each thought accurately. And there are over 15 different effects that can be performed using the card.

METHODS : A novel combination of solid and self-working principles and forces.

VENUES : LIFE IN DIGITS is suitable for stage, close-up, street, parlor, or virtual shows.

FEATURES : There are no sleights, no preshow, no stooges or instant stooges. There are no secret writings, no one aheads. These methods and principles work in any language. There is no dual reality, no reframes, no psy forces. No arts n crafts or diy is needed and there is nothing to reset. The Life In Digits card is completely examinable and can be freely handled by both the performer and the participants before, during and after the performance. There are no peeks or any kind of tearing involved, no switching and nothing is spoken or written down by the participant. Many of the over 15 effects are instantly repeatable with a different outcome each time. Although numbers are involved in the effects there is no math involved. But if you want, you can choose to use a bit of math. It is totally your choice.

1st edition 2023, PDF 60 pages + 2 cards.

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