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Lubor Fiedler

Lubor Fiedler

(Brno, Czechoslovakia: 26th April 1933 – 2nd September 2014)

Learned at age 8 from uncle's gift of tricks. Chemical engineer and amateur magician. Moved to Austria in 1967, becoming a pro magician that year. Magic inventor and mail-order dealer. Invented Lubor Die = Gozinta Box (1966), Flying Color Cards (1978), Showstopper Card (1987), Invisible Zone (1996), Brain Box (1997), etc.

Wrote Neue magische Ideen (1963, 38pp), Magische Fantasien (1978, 94pp), and Lubor Fiedler dreht durch (1980, 104pp).

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Gozinta Boxes Revisited by Lubor Fiedler & Chris WasshuberLubor Fiedler's Gozinta Boxes is my all time favorite illusion. It has been so ever since I first saw it performed decades ago. I love the simplicity, clarity, and impossibility of the effect. Two boxes. One clearly larger than the other, because one fits into the other. But wait - now the larger one is smaller and the smaller one is larger. Every child can understand the impossibility of this. It transcends any language or cultural barrier. Since no explanation is necessary the magic first happens on a very deep visceral level. But then when the mind kicks in and tries to find an explanation...
2016 / 3 / 25
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Zauberkunst 09. Jahrgang (1963) by Zauberkunst Verlag & Lubor FiedlerMit einem Sonderheft bei Lubor Fiedler: Neue Magische Ideen

Sieben Nummern, 306 Seiten.

2011 / 12 / 9
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