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Lucas Carlson

Lucas Carlson

I'm a little bit of many things. A computer programmer, an author of programming books, an author of non-fiction business books, an author of novels, an entrepreneur who started a venture capital backed company that raised $9.8 million and was acquired by a Fortune 150 company.

But in my heartĀ of hearts, I'm a magician.


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Lucas Carlson
E.R. Redux by Lucas Carlson

The best magic happens in the spectator's hands when the magician never touches the cards. Imagine ... The spectator secretly picks any card and shuffles it back into the deck themselves. The magician doesn't even need to be in the room while this happens. The spectator then turns the deck over and the magician gives a custom card reading culminating in the ultimate and surprising reveal of the spectator's card. The magician never needs to touch the cards.

In this 23 page PDF, you are given 6 different selection procedures, 4 different revelation alternatives, and 3 presentation ideas (coincidence,...

★★★ $10
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